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The socially responsible investing movement is hot and there are no signs of it cooling off

Socially responsible investing has exploded across the globe and interest in it has never been higher. But there is a real chance the business and financial communities will let slip opportunities to fully capitalize on the demand.

3 years ago

Are financial advisors prepared for cyber attacks?

As cyber threats abound, everyone from large financial firms to individual advisors need to make sure they have done everything they can to guard against a breach.

3 years ago

Crowdfunding Expert Reveals Kickstarter Strategies for Comic Books

Ever want to raise money for a comic book on Kickstarter?

Have you been wondering how to do this whole crowdfunding thing?

On this episode of the podcast, Tyler James, the host ...

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3 years ago

Understanding Terms: Liquidation Preference

While we touched briefly on this topic in our recent blog on reading term sheets, liquidation preferences are a term that’s worth taking a second look at for early-stage investors. In fact, after a company’s valuation, liquidation preference may arguably … Continue reading

3 years ago

Despite Facebook's struggles, one important contingent remains loyal

The number of small businesses who buy Facebook ads remains unchanged, meaning the company's struggles and the threat of government regulation has not hurt Main Street's ad spend, the second-quarter CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey finds.

3 years ago

Where Trump has support in battle with Fed over rates: The smallest small businesses

The smallest businesses on Main Street are preoccupied with high interest rates they say hold them back, while larger business owners are more focused on the tight labor market, according to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.

3 years ago

Want to go green and get a Tesla Model 3? Here's what you need to know first

From leasing to buying, charging costs to tax credits, here's what you should know if you want the most popular electric vehicle on the market.

3 years ago

Despite strong growth outlook, financial advisors see first decrease in base pay in years

On the heels of the Great Recession and with the recent change in the tax law, demand – and pay – for financial advisors have risen steadily — until now.

3 years ago

Small business confidence remains high, Main Street sees more good times ahead: CNBC survey

Small business confidence remains high, according to the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey. Main Street sees more good times ahead, but a tight job market is among business conditions keeping optimism below a 2018 record level.

3 years ago

Advisors look to understand 'investor type' to meet changing needs of clients: Study

By splitting investors into two categories based on general investing attitudes, researchers found other points of agreement within the groups.

3 years ago

This is the top city for small business in the US: Study

Miami is the No. 1 place for small business, according to a Biz2Credit national survey of more than 30,000 businesses released on Tuesday, May 7. The city gets high marks for low taxes, and the ease of regulations to launch start-ups.

3 years ago

Here's what financial advisors are telling clients worried about Trump's trade-war tweets

Some investors might be worried about how a trade war with China would impact their savings. Here's what financial advisors can telll them.

3 years ago

$2 trillion in tax-free Opportunity Zone investing could benefit rich and poor

In an innovative addition to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 8,700 low-income census tracts called Opportunity Zones could benefit investors with unrealized capital gains to sell existing investments and re-invest those gains in high-poverty areas.

3 years ago

This strategy can help investors save on taxes — if it's done right

Tax-loss harvesting gives investors a silver lining if they have realized losses

3 years ago

4 Tried-and-True Strategies to get Crowdfunding Backers in 2019

With more than 600 daily crowdfunding campaigns launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo alone, the competition for backers is fiercer than ever before. Especially if your campaign is on a tight marketing budget, it becomes even more crucial to maximize the impact of your efforts without wasting any resources – aka money, mullah, dough – in...

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3 years ago