About Us

Our website, Private Equity Markets, highlights companies that seek new investment. These companies are publicly traded on a variety of exchanges including the NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCQX, OTCQB and the Pink Sheets. We look for companies that offer extraordinary growth opportunities for investors. You can purchase stock in these publicly traded companies through a variety of brokerage accounts including both full service and discount brokerages. The publicly traded companies listed on our website can be easily bought and sold at the current market price. The current market price is determined by supply and demand.

By the time private companies, such as Uber, offer to sell shares to the public, a small investor has missed colossal appreciation in the market value of the shares. That is why we focus on stocks that have a small market capitalization and a big idea. There is still significant upside available to the small retail investor for the companies we list on our website. Public companies offer investors liquidity, daily volume, dynamic management teams and regulatory oversight. Public companies are required to follow disclosure rules established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“the SEC”).

We strongly believe in American and Canadian entrepreneurs, and we are delighted to feature these exciting public companies on our website. We do not make investment recommendations, but we provide an easy to use format to give the individual investor a place to start their journey to finding that perfect investment. Please click on the links and visit those companies that are of interest.

Furthermore, if you are looking to raise capital via the Public equity markets do not hesitate to contact us by email. We specialize in raising capital for great ideas and work hard to meet all of your capital funding needs. Our founders have a combined 60 years in the securities markets and have taken many companies public with great success. Private Equity Markets is also a boutique Investor Relations firm that offers campaign budgets that are custom tailored to every company's goals and needs. If you are a public company do not hesitate to contact us regarding your IR/PR campaigns. We thank you for visiting Private Equity Markets.