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How to Fulfill Your Kickstarter Rewards On Time: 5 Bottlenecks to Avoid

It is notoriously difficult to fulfill your Kickstarter on time. According to CNN Business, 84% of Kickstarter projects shipped late in 2012. This is a staggeringly high percentage of Kickstarter ...

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2 years ago

LGBT groups and tech companies warn that a Texas bill could cost the state billions

The LGBTQ community and major employers say a bill passed by the Texas Senate is a license to discriminate, giving professionals the right to turn away people based on religious beliefs. Amazon, Dell, Apple and Facebook urged Texas to drop the bill.

2 years ago

What is Investment Crowdfunding?

Wondering what this whole investment crowdfunding thing is?

Let’s dive into it!

With this video, I want to get into the different types of investment crowdfunding.

We’ll explore how one is different from ...

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2 years ago

How to Sell in a Retail Store – We The People Crowdfunding Store

Ever want to sell your product in a retail store?

How about learn how to grow a brand after crowdfunding?

In today’s podcast episode I brought on Ryan Sim, the cofounder of ...

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2 years ago

NatWest unveils biometric payment system for businesses

Innovation and technology are driving change in the banking sector.

2 years ago

Tips for Creating an Effective Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Video

Something we always recommend to startups looking to raise money on our platform is to create a campaign video for their raise. While it’s not strictly necessary, according to a recent Forbes article, Indiegogo has found that campaigns with pitch … Continue reading

2 years ago

How To Read a Term Sheet

As an entrepreneur seeking funding for your startup, you’ve likely seen a term sheet. If you have, then you’ll know that they hold a lot of information, much of which can be complex and overwhelming. And if you don’t have … Continue reading

2 years ago

Mike Pence says the American dream was 'dying' before Trump became president

Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that the American dream was "dying until President Donald Trump was inaugurated" in 2017.

2 years ago

After being rocked by Trump tariffs, the solar energy business is bouncing back

After two years of job losses in the solar industry, a California mandate is welcome and advocates are projecting demand to pick up.

2 years ago

Equity Dilution in Startups

In the midst of growing a company and all that entails, issues like equity dilution may seem too far off to worry about for many startup executives, something to worry about later. But when mishandled, the effects of equity dilution … Continue reading

2 years ago

Linda McMahon will step down as Small Business Administration head, joins board of America First

McMahon will leave her Cabinet-level role in President Donald Trump's administration on April 12.

2 years ago

Trump's small-business plan 'clearly an end-run' around Obamacare protections, judge rules

A federal judge has struck down a small-business health insurance plan widely touted by President Donald Trump.

2 years ago

Common vs. Preferred: Pros and Cons in Private Equity

There are two types of equity: preferred and common. You should understand the differences between the two to fully weigh the pros and cons of each. Note that there are no absolutes in private equity. Issuing stock often involves negotiated … Continue reading

2 years ago

The story of Yelp – and why it's struggling to survive

Yelp has struggled to innovate and keep up with increasing competition from companies like Google and Facebook.

2 years ago

What is a Crowd SAFE?

Understanding Security Types in Equity Crowdfunding As equity crowdfunding has matured, the need for new security types has become apparent in recent years. To meet this need, the equity crowdfunding industry has turned to modifying existing security types to make … Continue reading

2 years ago