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Todos Medical LTD. (OTC:TOMDF)

Todos Medical LTD. (OTC:TOMDF)

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Todos Medical is a cancer in-vitro-diagnostic ("IVD") firm engaging in the development of a series of patient-friendly blood tests for the early detection of a variety of cancers. Detecting cancer at an early stage generally means more effective treatment which translates into better survival chances. Our goal is to bring to market a low cost early detection tool that will be accessible to the mass population and thus increase cancer detection rates and save lives.

Todos Medical LTD. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol TOMDF. This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website.
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  • Employee Size 11 - 50

  • Address 1 Hamada Street Rehovot 7670301 Israel