Tamino Minerals Inc. (OTC:TINO)

Tamino Minerals Inc. (OTC:TINO)

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Tamino Minerals, Inc. is an Exploration Stage Mining Company. Tamino Minerals Inc. is an exploration company seeking precious metal, copper, lead and zinc. The company currently explores for these various minerals in Mexico.

It has several properties in a highly prospective area for gold and silver in Mexico known as the El Volcan Project. El Volcan is located in a metalogenic province with numerous but seemingly isolated areas of historic mining dominated by Au, Ag, Pb, Zn and Cu, almost exclusively expressed surficially as veins of varying widths and lengths. Tamino also continues to evaluate and develop economic opportunities.

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  • Founded Year 2013

  • Employee Size 1 - 10

  • Address Bulevard Hidalgo 67 Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico CP 83260