Press Release, NRP Stone, Inc. Closes RMGI Acquisition.

DRAPER, Utah, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NRP Stone closed its acquisition of Rare Metals and Gems Investors (RMGI) on schedule. The acquisition includes an exclusive worldwide marketing agreement for white diamond and gold products. Its products will include raw and cut white diamonds, as well as gold bullion, nuggets, jewelry, and coins. Each raw diamond is to be cut by NRP or supplier sources and will be marketed and distributed through NRP wholesale and retail outlets, including the NRP Stone website. Each cut diamond will be graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The transaction included GIA-graded loose diamonds and colored diamonds set in beautiful Luxium rings, in addition to one ton of Luxium ore concentrate. The ore was appraised by a third party in a Technical Assessment and Valuation Report dated August 30, 2019 and valued at $1.5MM per ton. The ore will be used to produce granulated solid and Luxium nanoparticles for industry.

Luxium is .999 fine silver and is atomically engineered combining silver with other trace elements. The result is a precious metal that has the natural finished look of chrome, though it can be colored and brushed for jewelry. Its workability is similar to silver, but is tarnish resistant. Luxium also has conductive properties like silver, the world's best-known natural conductor of electricity. Therefore, Luxium has many potential industrial uses including electrical transmission, integrated circuitry, aeronautics, solar, and medical devices. Moreover, Luxium has the potential to fill the price gap between gold and silver, as well as changing, replacing, and enhancing many industrial applications.

NRP's Luxium and diamonds are derived from Mother Earth's natural processes…with a technological twist. Most diamonds mined in the world remain unfinished by Mother Earth. They are yellow to brown in color because they were not given the time, heat, and pressure required, finishing them into white and rare colored gemstones. As a result, these brown diamonds are typically crushed and used for industrial purposes, including diamond drills, saws, or abrasives. Only recently, these yellow or brown diamonds have been promoted as jewelry. However, with proprietary technology, yellow and brown diamonds can be finished to their highest and best potential: white and colored gemstones. NRP diamonds are considered by the GIA to be "naturally processed diamonds," because the technology used to finish them replicates the earth's natural processes, only in a shorter timeframe. Using these proprietary processes, brown diamonds can become white, as well as all colors of the rainbow, depending upon their organic makeup. This can be done without using dyes and radiation, or without synthetically growing them in labs.

The acquisition sets the stage for possible additional acquisitions and has opened negotiations for funding, joint manufacturing, and other products. If successful, this would position NRP into becoming a vertically integrated company. What was initially conceived as purely a marketing operation for diamonds and Luxium has expanded into gold products and negotiations for funding jointly-owned operations of minting gold and Luxium coins, for raw colored diamond finishing, and for producing Luxium for jewelry and industry.

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