International Zeolite Corp. (OTC:IZCFF)

International Zeolite Corp. (OTC:IZCFF)

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International Zeolite Corp is a Vancouver based company involved in the exploration, development and production of the industrial mineral zeolite. We are a producer of natural zeolite from our deposits in British Columbia, Canada.

International Zeolite Corp. is an environmentally friendly green-tech company. We provide Zeolite products for agriculture, aquaculture, water treatment and various industrial uses. Our broad base of Zeolite products have been tested, applied and exceed set standards in specific markets..

What is Zeolite?

Zeolites are crystalline, hydrated aluminosilicates with very rigid structures. Compositionally, zeolites are similar to clay minerals however, their special crystalline structure remains rigid in water. While zeolite is a naturally occurring material it can also be manufactured. Currently over fifty different natural zeolite minerals have been identified and over one-hundred zeolites have been synthesized.

International Zeolite is an international marketer and supplier of natural zeolite and zeolite-infused products. We are an environmentally friendly Green Tech business well suited to today's economic environment.International Zeolite has a competitive advantage in the world of zeolites given our product has been tested, applied and meets and exceeds the standards of specific markets. We work with a dedicated team of global advisers recognized as leaders in the research and use of zeolite.

About clinoptilolite zeolite:

The pure and naturally occurring mineral clinoptilolite zeolite has many useful applications. Due to its unique molecular composition zeolite has incredible absorbent and adsorbent qualities. As a result, people are constantly developing new applications for this versatile mineral and it is emerging as one of the most useful minerals excavated today. The first known uses of Zeolite can be traced back to B.C.E when Roman’s employed the mineral in their aqua ducts. Zeolite was not discovered in the USA until the 1950’s. In the 1970’s it was used in the treating of wastewater ammonia and radioactive material. As the mineral’s amazing filtration and absorption ability became more known, people started using it in pools in Europe and the USA. Since the 1980’s, Zeolite has been identified for use in many different applications and as such has become a very valuable commodity. People have only recently begun to realize the true potential and capabilities of zeolite. As a result, it has also been dubbed the mineral of the 21st century and new applications are continually being discovered around the world.

Zeolite Uses:

Each zeolite has a different size and function.

All zeolites are molecular sieves, meaning that they selectively absorb molecules on the basis of shape, size or electrical charge. The cations in zeolite are very loosely bound, allowing them to be exchanged with other cations or molecular water. Each different type of zeolite has the ability to exchange a particular cation in its chemical makeup for another cation.

Zeolites (particularly clinoptilolite) are often added to animal feed and function much the same as food grade diatomaceous earth. Much like DE, zeolite must be added to feed in controlled amounts.

Zeolite is also known to work as an insecticide. Due to its high ion exchange and adsorption capacities, natural zeolite, specifically clinoptilolite, is an effective carrier of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. As well, zeolite is often used in laundry detergent and water softeners due to the fact that it can release sodium and potassium in exchange for calcium and magnesium.

Most commonly, however, zeolite is used for ammonium-ion removal in waste stream treatment, sewage treatment, pet litter and aquaculture, as odor control, for heavy metal ion removal from nuclear, mine and industrial wastes and in agriculture as a soil conditioner, fertilizer extender and as an animal feed supplement.

It is very important that when utilizing diatomaceous earth and/or zeolite that you use the proper type.
Only food or feed grade diatomaceous earth should be used as an insecticide and in animal feed. Food grade diatomaceous earth meets very strict regulations in terms of crystalline silica and heavy metal content, making it safe for animals to consume.

It is important to note that there are several types of zeolite (including erionite and some mordenite) that are fibrous in nature and may be classified as asbestos-like materials. As well, crystalline silica commonly occurs in zeolite deposits and finely ground products may contain more than 0.1% crystalline silica that is small enough to inhale. It is therefore important that the proper type of zeolite be selected for your purposes.

International Zeolite has an Operation's Agreement with Kamloops based Absorbent Products Ltd. to operate, transport, process and package bulk and processed zeolite for our customers nationally and internationally.

Absorbent Products is a dominant manufacturer and supplier of mineral based products derived from food grade zeolite. We take extreme care during our manufacturing process in order to maintain the delicate, structural integrity of these natural raw materials. This allows Absorbent Products to produce OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and PMRA (The Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency) registered products that are safe for people, animals and the environment.

International Zeolite Corp. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol IZCFF. This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website.
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