Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC)

Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC)

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Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) operates through its wholly owned subsidiary company ICF Industries Inc. The Company is an international distribution, consulting and sales organization marketing Insulated Concrete Forms ("ICF") construction material as well as energy efficient indoor growing technologies through its sales offices in Van Nuys, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and Rye Brook, New York. Sales of ICF in the U.S. alone are expected to exceed $2 billion next year. The need for effective thermal insulation is gaining substantial traction in many industries which include the cannabis cultivation industry, hotel industry, residential home industry and the commercial building industry. ICF coupled with interior and exterior technologically advanced stuccos is leading to R ratings in excess of 50 saving consumers and industries 50-70% in energy costs.

The demand for ICF is skyrocketing and ICF Industries has assembled a team of top notch industry partners with which the company has negotiated lucrative distribution, and commission-based compensation contracts in exchange for allowing partners to participate in company negotiated projects. Agreements made with company partners often include exclusivity to the consultants and distributors partnering with ICF Industries on our projects in return for lower product and service costs, leveraging the company's marketing programs, established clientele and industry contacts. Industry professionals are assembled by ICF Industries to handle project services, logistics, specialized tasks and the distribution of a virtual inventory of products required to complete the facility. ICF Industries acts as project facilitator and assembles its team of partners that include architects, engineers and industry consultants. The company also supplies cultivation consultants who act as a partnering sales force. This company strategy is an industry first creating a virtual inventory of services and products that are high margin and generate a predictable revenue model with pre-negotiated commissions and strategic distribution contracts with its manufacturing partners that are extremely profitable to both the company and the partner company alike. The result to ICF Industries is an extremely profitable business model free of the liabilities associated with carrying large inventories of product. The consulting firms retained carry their own labor, material and overhead costs associated with the project while the company's distribution partners are responsible for keeping their products in inventory and for delivering the product to the project's location. The anticipated result is a substantial revenue stream and predictable profit margin made on every project.

ICF Industries Inc. plans to play a vital role in the cannabis cultivation industry by reducing energy costs for the industry significantly cutting expenditures for the cultivation facilities. ICF Industries also intends to aggressively market its "one stop shop" of products and services to all traditionally wood-built industries. ICF Industries is completely industry diversified and is currently negotiating with developers looking to build substantial housing developments, commercial buildings and hotels using ICF (Insulated concrete forms) supplied by ICF Industries.

ICF blocks, when properly installed by cannabis cultivation facilities, are mold resistant, temperature controlled and resistant to microbial forces which cost the cannabis industry millions of dollars in lost crops per year. Last year 1 in 5 batches of Cannabis where destroyed in California due to mold and spores leading to countless legal growers failing state mandated lab tests costing many growers to lose entire crops. 10 million pot plants worth $1 billion were destroyed in Kern County California alone last year. ICF Industry's cultivation facilities are designed to save the industry billions of dollars as they replace outdated growing methods which use steel and wood-based construction that breeds mold, carcinogens, pathogens and microbial elements that are very harmful to the public.

Security of the grow far exceeds that of traditional grow houses, greenhouses and today's outdated cannabis cultivation facilities. ICF blocks are fire-resistant, sound-proof, and durable. Properly constructed they can withstand 300 mile per hour winds making them tornado and hurricane-proof. ICF stands up to earthquake, flooding, and other natural disasters extremely well, securing clients' equipment and saving growers billions in lost crops a year. Cannabis is quickly being legalized in hurricane and flood zones and ICF Industries has the innovative building materials to make total loss a thing of the past. ICF are a "green product" helping lead to a sustainable earth as heating and cooling costs are reduced substantially which will lead to many eco-friendly opportunities presenting themselves.

ICF Industries plans to significantly help save the legal cannabis market from black market growers and dealers who are able to undercut retail prices due to low production costs. The black market for cannabis is costing government entities, legal dispensaries and licensed growers billions of dollars a year in revenues and taxes. Out of 8.9 billion dollars in sales of cannabis in the state of California last year only 2 billion dollars was sold by legal dispensaries. Legal grow operators using ICF blocks,with more efficient indoor growing technologies, will now be able to become more competitive in the marketplace. Black market growers and dealers will soon find themselves undercut by the legal cannabis industry as their prices to produce a pound of cannabis are lowered substantially from technological innovations offered by ICF Industries. The company is run by a team of industry professionals that are mass marketing energy-saving ICF and high-efficiency grow technologies for desired cost efficiency while offering a complete replacement to wood-built construction and outdated inefficient growing equipment. ICF is truly cannabis cultivation 2.0 as the lessons learned the last few years are now being resolved through ICF Industries efficient, "sate of the art grows."

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