Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC)

Here to Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC)

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Here To Serve Holding Corp. hunts for undervalued assets in the mining, real estate, and securities industries. Run by a highly experienced team of professionals that come from diverse executive backgrounds, management has specialized public company talents, business skill sets, and mining experience. Members of the company's management team are highly educated in all aspects of the securities markets including the compliance requirements. Management has become well educated to quickly adapt to the vast array of diversified industry needs of a diversified holding company. Management also has international contacts in finance, lending, consulting and technology.

Here To Serve Holding Corp. formed a wholly owned subsidiary under the name Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. Fortune is dedicated to the global acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties that contain Nickel and Gold. Fortune recently acquired a mining project known as the Gowan project located in the Timmins mining camp in Ontario Canada. The Gowan Property has assays on record showing 3.5% nickel sulphide and 1.25% copper samples. Fortune also recently acquired a Gold and Nickel property in Timmins Ontario known as the Beck-Ottaway project. The Timmins mining camp is one of the most prolific mining jurisdictions in the world. Half of the gold produced in Canada is produced in the Timmins mining camp. The Gowan property is located just 10 miles from Canada Nickel's’ historic Nickel find and 8 miles from the deepest open pit mine n the world, the Kid Creek mine.

Both the Gowan and Beck-Ottaway projects are both highly mineralized properties in which company management and skilled contracted labor are moving quickly through the mining sequence. Through technology, science and state of the art engineers and geologists, project exploration can be done fast and efficiently. Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. expects the Gowan project to become a massive nickel find based on the geologic formations of the project as well as a prior highly successful assay showing 3.50% nickel sulphide content for 27 feet. The Beck-Ottaway project is believed to be mineralized heavily by Gold and Nickel.


-The company’s mining targets all fall on a 5,100 acre site at the Gowan project and a 4000 acre site on the Beck-Ottaway project both 100% owned by Fortune.

-The company uses the latest technologies in the nickel, gold and precious metals mining industry to explore and drill for base and battery metals on its property. The company is in talks with mid-tier and large-cap producers to expand its plan to mine the property.

Company management believes the supply chain for EV vehicles is already filled with too many middle men. EV manufacturers must control the whole supply chain to stay competitive, especially with a commodity that may soon be inflationary, leading to a squeeze on profits as the cost of nickel starts to rise with increased demand. Goldman Sachs recently upgraded their numbers for EV vehicles coming to market in the next 20 years. We anticipate that major EV players like Tesla will seek out nickel through billion dollar supply contracts and the inevitable purchase of their own nickel mines.

Company management believes there will be a nickel rush leading to an extreme rise in nickel prices. Nickel is projected to become the most important EV metal and those companies that position themselves readily in the supply chain will have a product steadily increasing in demand. We believe the arrival of semi trucks will generate the need for much larger battery cells, further straining nickel supply. We anticipate that as larger EV vehicles such as buses and trucks pour onto the streets, the nickel rush will begin.

​Upon successful completion of its exploration work Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. intends to build a mining operation that is both sustainable and profitable. Financing to move both projects through the mine development sequence is available from an array of different sources. Large-cap mining companies looking to make a substantial ROI are potential partners and already have an interest in the Gowan project. Large scale EV companies relying on a steadily priced nickel supply for their battery production needs are potential partners as well. A partner will be chosen based on the company’s best long term financial interests such as shareholder value and financial strength.

Company management has a strategy to secure itself into the multi-billion dollar nickel supply chain. Stay tuned.

​​Here To Serve Holding Corp. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol HTSC. This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website. Investor Relations can be reached at 1-855-4NICKEL.
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