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Armada Mercantile Ltd. (OTC:AAMTF)

Armada Mercantile Ltd. (OTC:AAMTF)

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Armada Mercantile Ltd. has been a publicly-traded company since 1987. We are trusted by clients
worldwide. We are listed for trading in the United States (AAMTF) and on the Canadian Stock Exchange
(ARM). We provide a variety of finance services to help businesses reach funding goals.

We are a Nationwide licensed finance lender
We are a relational FINRA Broker-Dealer company
We are a capital markets consulting and advisory services firm
We are a commercial real estate lender.

Finance Lender:
We are a Nationwide licensed lender. We fund small, medium, and large businesses by providing
working capital at competitive rates with superior client services to help businesses grow.

Through our relationship with a fully licensed FINRA broker-dealer, we provide capital formation
services to entrepreneurs and businesses.

We provide consulting and advisory services to businesses seeking to raise capital in the private and
public markets. These services complement our finance lender and broker-dealer services.

Commercial Real Estate:
We provide private money loans to brokers and borrowers in commercial real estate. Our goal is to
make the process of getting a loan fast and affordable.

What is Invoice Factoring?
We fund small, medium, and large businesses. We buy your outstanding invoices or receivables in
exchange for working capital and collect directly from your customers. We source, underwrite, fund, and
service you directly. By selling credit-worthy invoices to us, businesses receive immediate operating
capital. This viable funding alternative is known as “factoring”.

What is Supply Chain Financing?
We provide Supply Chain Finance solutions to pay key suppliers of your business. This is accomplished
by us paying the supplier directly and then you repay us at a later date. The advantage to you is the
ability to pay suppliers very quickly, qualify for early payment discounts, and avoid limited supplier
purchases caused by temporary insufficient cash conditions.

What is a Revenue Line of Credit?
We provide Revenue Line Finance solutions. Our Revenue Line provides you cash from your recurring
franchising, licensing, royalty, and subscription revenue from your billing and collections history. We
advance cash now, you repay the same day next month and this allows stable cash flow throughout the
month. It will reduce the frequency to seek short term borrowing solutions.

Armada Mercantile Ltd. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol AAMTF.
This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website.
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  • Founded Year 1987

  • Employee Size 1 - 10

  • Address 9 Orchard Rd #101, Lake Forest, CA 92630