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American Manganese Inc. (OTC:AMYZF)

American Manganese Inc. (OTC:AMYZF)

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High Recovery and Purity of Lithium-ion Cathode Materials:

American Manganese Inc. is a critical metal company focused on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries using their RecycLiCo™ Patented Process. The process offers a hydrometallurgical solution for the recycling of cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries and battery manufacturing scrap. The Company achieves high recovery and purity of materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum from cathode chemistries such as NCA (lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide), NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide), LCO (lithium cobalt oxide). The RecycLiCo™ Patented Process produces the metals as cathode precursors, therefore reducing the impact of mining, processing, and refining raw materials for battery manufacturing. All the while, the process remains environmentally friendly with no use of high-heat or emission of fumes.

Patented Technology:

The Company holds patents in Canada, US, China and South Africa for production of electrolytic manganese metals from low-grade manganese deposits.

United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. 10,246,343 on April 2, 2019 for the Company’s lithium-ion battery recycling process and recovery of cathode materials.

Filed National Phase Patent Applications in regards to US Patent No. 10,246,343 for the following countries – China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Australia, India, and Canada.

United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. 10,308,523 on June 4, 2019 for recovery of graphite and carbon from ground battery concentrates, treatment of fluoride originating from electrolyte solution and separation of aluminum from cathode active material.

Strong Market Fundamentals:

Closed-circuit hydrometallurgical process
Low operating cost (Estimated reagent cost of $1/kg of material processed)
Low energy consumption and no high heat
No landfill waste or fumes
High recovery and purity

Global Opportunity:

Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that electric vehicles will surpass internal combustion engine vehicle sales before 2040.

Benchmark Minerals Intelligence is tracking 84 Battery Manufacturing Megafactories with a projected 1,860 GWh of battery manufacturing capacity by 2028.

Recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries is a certainty thanks to new legislation that aims to combat the environmental threat of disposing spent lithium-ion batteries in landfills or high-heat smelting operation.

Battery Minerals are Critical Minerals:

U.S. Government published a Critical Minerals List, with 35 minerals and metals considered critical to the “national economy and national security” and cobalt, lithium, and manganese are included in the list.
Majority of the world’s cobalt is mined using child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

American Manganese Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol AMYZF. This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website.
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