Vision Lithium Inc. (OTCQB:ABEPF)

Vision Lithium Inc. (OTCQB:ABEPF)

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Vision Lithium is a junior exploration company focused on exploring and developing high quality battery mineral assets including lithium and copper in safe jurisdictions, primarily Canada. The Company is led by skilled and qualified mineral exploration and business professionals with a deep understanding of the lithium battery materials market which is driven by lithium ion batteries. Vision Lithium is committed to discovering new world class assets and bringing these assets to production, starting with its flagship projects the Sirmac Lithium property and the Dome Lemieux copper property both located in Quebec Canada. Nemaska Lithium is the largest shareholder of Vision Lithium and as such Vision Lithium benefits from Nemaska Lithium’s leadership role and years of experience in the lithium market.

Vision Lithium Properties:

-The Sirmac Property consists of 24 mining claims having a total area of approximately 1,100 hectares located approximately 180 kilometres North-West of Chibougamau, in the province of Québec. A main forestry road passes next to the property and vehicles can reach the main mineral occurrences on the property using secondary logging roads. In addition, a 700 kV power line runs along its Eastern boundary.

Property Geology:
The Sirmac property is located in the North-East part of the Superior geological province, in the Frotet-Evans volcano-sedimentary belt. Four types of rocks outcrop on the Sirmac property: quartz-biotite-hornblende schists, amphibolitized flows or mafic sills, syenite pluton, and pegmatites, some of which are spodumene-bearing. The main foliation strikes E-W and has a steep dip. More than twelve granitic pegmatite dykes, whose thickness ranges from 1 to 100 m, have been identified. All of these cut the host schists and generally strike NNW-SSE (315°/350°), with an apparent sub-vertical dip and steep contacts with host rocks.

-The Dôme Lemieux property is part of the Appalachian geological province, in the Gaspésie region. The rocks are divided in three lithostratigraphic packages: the Cambro-Ordovician, the Siluro-Devonian and the Carboniferous-Permian. The property is located in the Siluro-Devonian, an assemblage of sedimentary and volcanic rocks deposited in a basin that succeeded the Taconian Orogen. This assemblage is named the Gaspé Belt; the property lies in the Connecticut Valley – Gaspé Synclinorium, which is part of the Gaspé Belt.

Property Geology:
The Dôme Lemieux area and the property, are underlain by the St-Leon and Forillon sedimentary formations, while the Shiphead, Indian Cove and York River formations are located at the periphery of the dome. The property is located in the structural corridor that hosts the Madeleine mine, which produced 8,134,000T @ 1.08% Cu and 9.0 g/t Ag prior to 1982, the Gaspé Copper Mine in Murdochville, which produced 141,655,000T @ 0.85% Cu from 1955 to 1999, and the Sullipek deposit, which has estimated historical resources of 1.84MT @ 1.39% Cu.[1]. These three mines are outside the property and respectively located 18 km to the NNE and 50 km to the ENE, and 15 km to the E, as the crow flies. Please note that the results obtained at the Madeleine Mine and at the Gaspé Copper Mine are not an indication of the mineralization present on the Dôme Lemieux property. The Dôme Lemieux property is characterized by a buried intrusive that forms a dome where the sedimentary formations have been eroded. Most of the York River, York Lake and Indian Cove formations have been eroded over the dome and preserved on the periphery of the dome. Structurally, the heart of the property, which is the Lemieux Dome, is cut by a network of regional faults that strike NE-SW to NW-SE, effectively dividing the property in structural blocks.

-The St. Stephen property is located immediately northwest of the town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick near the international border with Calais, Maine, USA (Figure 1). Good vehicle access is provided via Provincial Highway 3 and several other asphalt roads that transect the property. Several trails, bush roads and farm roads branch from these asphalt roads, providing excellent access to all parts of the property. The town is also connected to the rail network of the New Brunswick Southern Railway/Eastern Maine Railway which operates on a former Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) mainline between Saint John, New Brunswick, and Brownville Junction, Maine. The rail transects the eastern portion of the property

.Property Geology
The property is underlain by the layered mafic-ultramafic St. Stephen intrusion that has intruded sediments of the Woodland Formation belonging to the early Ordovician Cookson Group of southwestern New Brunswick. It is interpreted that the St. Stephen intrusion occurs along the axis of an anticlinal structure related to Acadian orogenic folding. The emplacement age of the intrusion is interpreted to be Late Silurian to Early Devonian based on published age dates of 410 Ma (Wanless, 1973: K-Ar hornblende age) and 421 + 4 Ma (McLaughlin et al., 2003: 40Ar/39Ar phlogopite cooling age). The Woodland Formation sediments display vertical dips along the north edge of the intrusion, proximal to many of the known mineralized prospects. Sulphide accumulations occur in vertical to sub-vertical trends associated with assimilated sulphide-rich country rock xenoliths; and as disseminated or net-textured sulphides associated within the transitional contact between ultramafic and anorthositic phases of the intrusive body. Many mineralized trends of the former type occur along similar vertical orientations to the bordering Woodland Formation sediments suggesting that magmas may have intruded the surrounding sediments as sill-like structures

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