VSTR, The Company is Executing and Sales and Profits are Soaring!

ValueSetters, Inc. (OTC:VSTR)

October 31, 2019

ValueSetters is quickly making a name for itself in the equity crowdfunding arena. The company uses its proprietary digital marketing platforms to marry equity purchasers to some of today's most exciting equity crowdfunding offerings. Equity crowdfunding has recently been responsible for funding some of today's biggest and brightest ideas and the sudden surge of companies using equity crowdfunding as their preferred investment vehicle for raising necessary capital is catapulting. This has now created an enormous market opportunity for digital marketing companies like ValueSetters that have the knowledge and expertise to create turnkey solutions which address the core needs of today's equity crowdfunding offerings. A successful crowdfunding company needs an incredibly informed and versed partner that can bring a vast array of financial support, technology support and crucial marketing support that quite often is even more appealing and credible to the retail investor as the deal itself. One such company has repeatedly lead many of today's most promising ideas from inception to incubation, from successful launch to becoming fully subscribed. One company uses a technologically advanced approach that employs a robust formulation of unique marketing metrics and methodologies that are completely custom tailored to a start ups individual needs. The company has formulated proven sales tools that are highly effective in marketing a start up to eager investors that has proven to be unparalleled by industry competitors. One company has methodically exploited today's multi-billion dollar market opportunity by marketing a variety of securities through a host of sophisticated social media and internet based advertising platforms that offer a specifically targeted outreach, which has proven to be highly effective at leading investors to a client company's targeted investment. One company has been highly successful at positioning itself strategically as the industry's key provider of innovation driven technologies that cater to the sharp exponential growth that currently is leading to the unprecedented expansion of the equity crowdfunding arena. That company is ValueSetters.

ValueSetters is lead by an extraordinary team of leaders in the financial, digital marketing and business development fields. Management is praised for being graduates from the prestigious Harvard, Yale and MIT Universities. The current CEO has a doctorate degree from Harvard in Biology, which is a testimony to her work ethic. Management is well versed in entrepreneurship all coming from highly successful careers including previous startup company experience as well as acting as the Portfolio Manager to one of largest equity funds in the country for one of the nation's leading investment firms.


ValueSetters currently owns a 6% equity interest in the revolutionary equity crowdfunding portal NetCapital.com. The unparalleled relationship the two companies have developed complements each other's core competencies and has combined their vision into a singular effort with a common goal. What is attained is a phenomenal assortment of talents in website development, finance and online advertising that has lead to an almost cookie-cutter approach to bringing equity crowdfunding deals to the marketplace in a timely, highly-efficient driven manner. As ValueSetters continues to offer its unique technology driven solutions to today's most dynamic and exciting new companies, interested equity crowdfunding issuers have quickly taken notice and a pent up demand for the company's services has lead the company's investors to a once in a lifetime opportunity that can easily lead to rapid profits in short order. Companies like ValueSetters offer aggressive growth investors an opportunity to gain exposure to a stock that exhibits the type of exponential sales growth that often leads to a run of the greatest possible magnitude. An opportunity this significant is rarely found on the OTC today and often leads to extraordinary returns for those willing to place their bets early. The addition of the NetCapital.com asset to the company's balance sheet is likely to become a multi-million dollar windfall for ValueSetters investors. ValueSetters customarily receives equity based compensation from clients which has lead to many substantial equity positions being held by the company. As a result the company has quickly amassed an incredible collection of equity positions that could become highly lucrative as these positions blossom into developed, viable companies creating a substantial intrinsic value to the company. This could potentially lead to millions of dollars of additional assets making their way to investors' pocketbooks.

The company's recent revenue growth has been staggering. In less than two years of rebuilding the business, the current management team at ValueSetters recently reported the following numbers:

· Our revenues for fiscal 2019 increased by $902,441, or 812%, to $1,013,612 as compared to $111,171 reported for fiscal 2018.

· Our bottom line has recorded net income in fiscal 2019 of $582,880, an improvement of $451,751 over the net income of $131,129 we recorded in fiscal 2018.

That's right. You aren't seeing things. Revenues increased 812% in just one year. We expect to see a similar revenue growth next year, which would project to almost 10 million dollars in revenue by 2020. It should be noted that companies with annual sales growth rates of 812% have created incredible value for their shareholders. Companies with explosive sales growth numbers, traditionally don't trade at 1 times sales or even 5 times sales. The typical stock with a growth rate of 812% typically can trade at 10 times sales which means VSTR common stock could potentially be valued at a $100 million market valuation simply if the company continues to multiply sales by a similar sales rate in 2020. Also, to add to this incredible growth story is a newly announced contract with Burton that is rumored to be extremely substantial and could make sales figures dramatically higher through 2020. All the variables for a fast growing tech stock demanding a premium valuation are there. We recommend you take a closer look at VSTR and add it to your company radar today.

Share Structure:

-Authorized shares: 900,000,000

-Outstanding shares: 752,519,212

-Management controlled shares:328,221,454


We give VSTR a HUGE thumbs up!

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