PHBI (Pharmagreen Biotech) has developed hemp seedlings that substantially multiply the CBD content yielded by hemp farmers. PHBI has the potential to quickly become one of the biggest revenue streams in the Cannabis industry.

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. (OTC:PHBI) Last trade .75.

October 30, 2019

PHBI  is quickly becoming a giant in the CBD industry as the result  its proprietary seedling known as ""CBD Dana." The "CBD Dana" strain produces hemp that yields 14% CBD content compared to the industry's average CBD content of only 1%. Hemp farmers are demanding thousands of acres of the company's "CBD Dana" seedlings. The company is currently building a 60,000 square foot facility to meet the incredible market demand for its "CBD Dana" hemp starter plant. The company recently brought in a new partner Carpere Inc. who has agreed to supply 100,000 acres of its "CBD Dana" seedlings while the company's facility is being completed. 

"CBD Dana" females yield about 196 Kg of CBD isolate per acre while industrial hemp only yields a miniscule 7Kg of CBD isolate per acre.offering hemp farmers a way of increasing revenues and profits exponentially. Pharmagreen estimates it has at least million in orders for its seedlings at this time being requested from hemp farmers located all over Canada. The company recently filed an S-1 to raise $40 million USD. for the company at 2.00 a share. This capital infusion will be enough to finish its state of the art 60,000 square foot facility which is located 8 hours outside of Vancouver.  

If you plant female "CBD Dana" seedlings you get a 14% CBD flower content. Biomass revenue is projected to be 3,000 lb/an acre * $200 per lb = $600,000 per acre. If you plant traditional industrial hemp seedlings with a tiny 1% CBD flower content  the biomass revenue is projected at 1,500 lb/acre * $20 per lb = $30,000 per acre. There is a 20 fold increase in CBD yielded per acre while planting "CBD Dana." PHBI management is confident it can create an enormous revenue stream from its "CBD Dana" seedlings which would lead to potentially one of the largest revenue streams in the hemp market to date.

The company has  a miniscule tradable float of 867,000 shares which should alleviate selling pressure and act as a strong catalyst to increase its share price substantially. Pharmagreen looks to be on its way to a billion dollar market cap if it trades like its cannabis industry peers. One can easily foresee the company having one of the largest market caps in the Cannabis sector and this is the most compelling cannabis stock we have come across in Private Equity Markets  history. The stock has recently pulled back from $2.00 to $.75 offering investors a tremendous opportunity to pick up shares at the bottom. The company is currently working on uplisting to the OTCQB which will build confidence within the investment community. It will be an easy process for the company to uplist because they have already been an audited company for more than a year. PHBI is set to multiply rapidly from this level. $10.00 a share seems very possible due to the millions of dollars in backlogs of orders from thousands of industrial hemp farmers who have struck gold with the "CBD Dana" seedlings. We expect the 2020 growing season will provide major revenues and profits to PHBI and soon "CBD Dana" will expand its presence in the United States.


We give PHBI a HUGE thumbs up!

Stock Structure:

Outstanding shares: 75,571,835

Unrestricted shares: 872,519

Held in the DTC: 647,860

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