GreenGro Technologies Inc. (OTC:GRNH)

GreenGro Technologies Inc. (OTC:GRNH)

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GreenGro Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of eco-friendly state-of-the-art technological solutions to the cannabis industry. The Company considers itself to be a trusted partner to the cultivation, production and retail aspects of the cannabis market through a combination of three operating divisions that encompass Cannabis, CBD production and Genomic development. Each division is able to leverage the strengths of the other, creating a synergistic, efficient and highly profitable business model. Through a number of strategic partnerships, the Company is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across the various segments of the cannabis market's value chain, from engineering and design to cannabis breeding, genetics research, production, derivatives, cultivation, wholesale and retail distribution. This unique business model has positioned the Company to achieve profitability and a new era of growth and expansion in the current fiscal year 2019.

GreenGro Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under the ticker symbol GRNH. This is not investment advice. Please view the disclaimer found on this website.
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  • Founded Year 1997

  • Employee Size 11 - 50

  • Address 1674 W Lincoln Suite 1440 Ana, CA 92801