Gratomic Inc. (OTC:CBULF)

Gratomic Inc. (OTC:CBULF)

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Gratomic is an advanced materials company focused on mine to market commercialization of graphite products most notably high-value graphene-based components for a range of mass-market products. We are collaborating with a leading European manufacturer of graphenes to use Aukam graphite to manufacture graphene products for commercialization on an industrial scale.

Gratomic will target mass market sales demand via Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET).
In response to market demands, tire manufacturers are seeking to launch ultra-fuel-efficient tires employing graphene-enhanced tread formulations, along with innovative tread pattern designs such as streamlined ribs, blocks, and lugs.

It is widely acknowledged that the pertinent drawback preventing commercialization is the failure of the industry to identify an environmentally friendly large-scale production method to liberate graphenes from the graphite.
Methods currently employed to produce graphenes from graphite, range from mechanical exfoliation (the sticky-tape method) and electro exfoliation, through to “prehistoric methods”, such as “boil graphite in acid”, and chemically or thermally expand it to liberate graphenes. None have been proven to be cost-effective or suitable for industrial scale volume production. With the exception of Gratomic’s collaborative strategic development partner Perpetuus Carbon Technologies (who supply substantial quantity of surface modified graphenes on a monthly basis to the tire industry), current outputs evidently appear to be restricted to R&D and limited quantity proof of concept applications.
Gratomic produces graphenes of a high purity, consistently, and scalability derived from its Graphite Mine in Namibia and its dedicated facility for the patented Perpetuus plasma method.

Aukam Project:

The Aukam Graphite Project is located in southern Namibia close to the port city of Luderitz. The property hosts five underground adits which were mined periodically between 1940 and 1974. Five surface stockpiles from the historical mining occurred on the property and 73 composite samples were taken from the lower three stockpiles, assayed and averaged 42% Carbon as graphite (Cg).

The Aukam property covers a historical vein graphite mine that consists of five adits and an open pit. Associated with the old workings are five surface stockpiles that still contain significant graphitic material. Recent work by the Company over the past two years has led to a better understanding of the quality and distribution of the graphite mineralization at Aukam. In particular, exploration has demonstrated significant potential for expansion of the mineralization outside the old workings.

Buckingham Project:

The Buckingham Graphite property covers 480 hectares in eight claim blocks and is located 7 kilometres northwest of Buckingham, Quebec, Canada. Gravel roads lead directly to the property and bush roads provide access to the interior.

The Buckingham property is located within the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Geologic Province. It is underlain by paragneiss and marble, with associated pegmatite, and amphibolite. Graphite mineralization occurs in two main zones, the Case Zone and the Uncle Zone where it is disseminated in paragneiss and marble as well as in veins and masses within pegmatite and skarn.

Results from the diamond drilling program at its 100% owned Buckingham graphite project in Quebec. Results have now been received from all six holes, with assays up to 16.64% Cg (carbon as graphite) over 18 metres in drill hole CK18-07.

Highlights of the results received to date include a grade of 6.88% Cg over 62 metres in hole CK18-07, that included 12.75% Cg over 29 metres and included a higher grade 16.64% Cg interval over 18 metres, starting at a depth of 57 metres. A grade of 4.94% Cg was intersected over 66 metres in Hole CK18-09 from six metres, that included higher grade near surface intervals of 14.52% Cg over four metres and 13.52% Cg over three metres.

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